We offer turnkey solutions for law firms owners who want to get the most out of Filevine. If you’re a new Filevine user, our templates get you up and running faster. If you’re an existing Filevine user, our Client Portal stretches the flexibility and functionality of your Filevine Org to its full capability.

Hitting A Wall With Filevine Development?

“Should I be really be customizing myself?

“My team is struggling to use Filevine.

“I don’t have time to build Filevine right.

“I don’t know what I don’t know about this.

“This is taking way too long to launch.

“I need professional help.

Our Solutions

Vineconnect Client Portal is our stand-alone software as a service (SaaS) that is fully integrated with Filevine's API. Give your clients the access to their case that they deserve so you can build trust and get more legal work done.

How We Took 1 Firm From Months of Aimless Toiling to Filevine Launch in ONLY 3 WEEKS.

A Florida Personal Injury law firm was excited to start working on Filevine, but after months of developing their Project Type Template on their own, they were burnt out and still no where ready to launch on the new software.

Their plan? Hire Vinetegrate instead.

Full Suite Package developed in only 3 weeks

Data Migration came in days, not months

Launched on Filevine with just 4 hours training

Kevin Cheney Headshot

I can’t say enough good things about the Full Suite we purchased from Vinetegrate. We were using Filevine before, but not to its max potential. The templates not only increased productivity but also provided us a roadmap for how we can grow our small firm into a much larger one.
I would highly recommend it!

Kevin Cheney

Owner, CGH Law Firm
Beth Sanchez Headshot

Tom from Vinetegrate took the time to listen to my goals for my firm and helped me problem-solve some coding issues with Filevine. More importantly, he showed me a different view for my setup which ended up working much better.

Bethbiriah Sanchez

Owner, Sanchez Law

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Full Suite" package that is referenced throughout the website?

The “Full Suite” is our most popular package of licensed Filevine products, services, and support. The Full Suite package includes a Project Type Template with pre-programmed and fully compatible Merge Docs, Custom Task Flows, and Deadline Chains, all built-for-you in your Filevine Org. We offer Full Suite packages for any practice of law in any state or jurisdiction. Our Full Suite includes dedicated staff training on the template, and a suite of tranining documents and reference materials to help you get the most out of your new Filevine environment!

What is "VineConnect" and why do I want it?

VineConnect Client Portal is a proprietary software-as-a-service (Saas) that full integrates with Filevine. Primary features include a front-end “Client Portal” that allows your firm’s clients to see what’s happening on their case. Admin features of VineConnect include the ability to customize a case timeline according to your Project Phases (will full Filevine API integration), Client Portal usage logs, a webhooks tool for use with Zapier, autotamted text messages including Google Review requests, a mass contacts upload tool, and much more!

How much does Vineconnect cost?

Our Vineconnet Cleint Portal app is truly unique not only in it’s design and functionality, but in our unique pricing model, too. Monthly subscription levels vary based on your number of cases, but start at about $250/month for small to medium sized firms to $350/month for firms with 1,000 cases or more. The best part? Most Bar Associations allow firms to pass software costs through to the client. Apply a monthly cost to your client’s files according to how many clients you have ($250/50 clients = $5/month.)

How much does the Full Suite package cost?

For obvious reasons, we don’t publish our licensing fees or our proprietary work publicly – but we can promise that the cost is reasonable, and well worth the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing that you get to do what you do best, which is providing outstanding legal services to your client, and growing your law firm instead of trying to build complicated case management software.

Do you sell the components of Full Suite individually?

Yes! Sometimes we have firms who are happy with their Project Type Template, and they just need help programming Merge Docs and Report Fusions, or designing and building a robust Task Flow system. No problem…that’s what we do best! The first step is to schedule a demo so we can talk about your needs, identify the appropriate Vinetegrate solution, and quote you with a formal proposal. Then we get to work!

Can you help me create custom integrations for Filevine?

Absolutely! Software integrations are the backbone of Web 2.0 and the future of how law firms will work most efficiently today, and tomorrow. Our founders and developers of VineConnect Cleint Portal not only have extensive experience working within the Filevine API, but we’ve even helped advised Filevine’s dev team on API features and service improvements. We may even have the record for “most bugs discovered” because we’ve done so much work within the API. OK, maybe that one is a stretch…but the point is, we love building custom integrations, apps, services, and solutions on the Filevine API. Let’s do it for you, too.


VineConnect is the first automated communications tool to exclusively integrate with Filevine’s API. Give your clients instant access to their case status, project vitals, case timeline, and legal team in real time. Configure the system and let the automation begin!


The Client Portal is a standalone web-based application secured by 2-Factor Authorization, which means there are no apps to download and no accounts or passwords to create. The interface is feature-rich, with the ability to leave employee-specific feedback, scan the case phase and timeline, interact with in-app messaging, and SMS/Email the Filevine project.


VineConnect requires a 1-time configuration, handled by the admin backend. Map your project phases to your timeline templates, configure your SMS texts on project phase changes, and enable automatic Google Review requests for mutliple locations.

Monitor your client usage from the dashboard and enjoy additional tools such as webhook filters and mass contact uploads. Our support documents will guide you step by step.



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VineConnect Client Portal

The first truly integrated Client Portal for Filevine that doesn’t duplicate work.

Full Suite & Integration Support

Stop waiting to launch on Filevine. License our Full Suite of templates, docs, and more.

Project Type Templates

Discover the world’s most comprehensive Project Type Templates for Filevine.

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Programming merge docs is difficult and time consuming. Use our library instead.

Custom Taskflows

Get the right work done at the right time with our Custom Taskflow Maps.

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