Client Portal

Your clients only want one thing: to feel like they know what’s happening on their case at any time. Now, you can give it to them without lifting a finger. And, with no apps to download or accounts to register, they’ll thank you for it. Get back to what you do best knowing that you’ve earned your client’s trust.


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Your law firm clients will provide their name and mobile number to login, and our system matches the information provided to your Filevine project.

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If the system finds a match, a 1-time code is sent to the client’s mobile device as a 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) step. Any mismtaches are rejected by the system.

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The client is granted access to the Client Portal, allowing them to browse the phases, timeline, receive critical messages, and see their legal team.


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User Dashboard

See who among our clients are logging in and interacting with the Client Portal. Help them troubleshoot login issues.

1-Time Configuration

Config your setting just once, and let the power of Vineconnect's integrations and automations do the rest of the work!

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Subscription Billing

Fully integrted with leading payments provider Stripe, enjoy convenience, flexibility, and world-class security.

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Legal Team Control

Overide or disable how Vineconnect pulls your legal teams from Filevine to display to the client on the front-end Portal.

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∞ Project Types

Configure an unlimited number of Project Types so your clients across various practice areas of your firm can access.

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Fetch Case Phases

Truly unique to Vineconnect is our ability to dynamically fetch your Filevine Project Phases without any manual intervention.

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Rich Data Webhooks

If you use Zapier or Workado, you've undoubtedly run into data problems. We solved them with intelligent middleware!

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Mass Contacts

If you've ever needed to upload or edit contacts in your Filevine org en masse, we've got a simple admin tool for that.

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Helpful Support

We're constantly striving to make tools & feature that just work, reflected in our documentation & dedicated support .

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2FA Security

Secured by 2FA, Client Portal is accessed without the need to download an app or register accounts, which means higher adoption and usage by clients.

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Case Timeline

The core of Client Portal's fully automated integration with Filevine is the Project Type Template timeline. Configure it just once for each project type your firm uses.

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Integrated Phases

Client Portal automatically pulls the Filevine Project's phase on login, eliminating the need to update two apps. Now that's true Filevine integration.

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Responsive Design

Client Portal is completely web-based, so of course it's 100% responsive and accessible from any device and any browser, at home or on the go.

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Firm Branded

Keep it professional by branding Client Portal with your firm's logo. Impress your clients, create a "big firm" feel, and keep all the credit to yourself. You deserve it.

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Legal Team & Vitals

Give your cleints just the right amount of information they care about - like who their legal team is, important date and case vitals, and contact information.

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Automated Texts

Let Client Portal notify your Cleints when something important has happened in their case, boosting retention and usage and eliminating the repetitive phone calls.

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Alert Messages

Push high-level alert messages into Client Portal from Filevine when you need to get the client's attention and receive any replies comments - without leaving Filevine!

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Team Feedback

Get rich, contextual client satisfaction feedback about your specific employees and the service they are providing - and respond quickly to issues when they arise.

Simple, Transparent
Pricing For Every Firm

Our pricing is primarily based on the number of active cases your firm has in house. All of our plans include dedicated installation support. For firms with more than 2,500 active cases, contact us for volume pricing options.

And The best part?

  • NO set-up fees!
  • NO cancellation fees!
  • NO contract!
  • Upgrade or downgrade your billing plan anytime

Note that you need not meet the minimum Active Case thresholds for upgrating to premium plans if you would like to take advantage of the features.


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Up to 600 Active Cases

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Perfect for Most Firms

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Self Install/Self Managed


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600-1,200 Active Cases

Vinetegrate Emblem Check-Mark

Perfect for Growing Firms

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Premium Support

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Beta New Features


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1,200-2,500 Active Cases

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Perfect for Scaling Firms

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Premium Support

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Beta New Features

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Support For Client End-Users

Not sure which plan is right?
Looking for a custom solution?
We can help.

VineConnect Client Portal

The first truly integrated Client Portal for Filevine that doesn’t duplicate work.

Full Suite & Integration Support

Stop waiting to launch on Filevine. License our Full Suite of templates, docs, and more.

Project Type Templates

Discover the world’s most comprehensive Project Type Templates for Filevine.

Merge Docs

Programming merge docs is difficult and time consuming. Use our library instead.

Custom Taskflows

Get the right work done at the right time with our Custom Taskflow Maps.

Training & Support

Get trained by the people and firms who help shape the best features of Filevine.